Biddeford Diamond Weave Digital Electric Heated Blanket Review

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All people want to have a good night sleep and more to that a warm one. It becomes quite a discomfort whenever one wishes to have the much needed dozing time only to be numb because of cod especially in the colder areas. The Biddeford Diamond Weave digital electric heated blanket will beat away all these problems and enable you to have the perfect sleeping environment. There those of us who love reading and at the same time don’t wish to be in bed, well, you can as well become cosy and read the book under while covering with it.

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Biddeford Diamond Weave Electric Blanket Features

The Biddeford electric heated blanket is designed and made in observation of the safety, comfort style and quality standards. When you go to sleep and rush to go to work in the morning because you overslept in the comfy bed and subsequently forget to turn off the unit, it will do exactly do that shortly after. It should only stay on for ten hours then it shuts off, you can later on turn it on.

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You will agree that many of the blankets in the market are not very safe to wash because of the wires that might get tampered with, even a machine. The Biddeford heated blanket will very easily be washed in the machine without any side effects.

The Biddeford digital electric blanket is made of the most comfortable materials that will make you just snuggle in the bed way after the waking hours. There is a digital control panel that has ten variations through which you can alter the temperatures that you want. The blanket also comes with an energy saving box that helps saving power while in use.

Biddeford Diamond Weave Electric Blanket Review

The Biddeford electric heated blanket has received numerous reviews from the many different buyers and they are all generally very positive. There were 53 reviews on the same at Amazon averaging at 4.2 stars, 34 of these reviewers have given the blanket a 5.0 star feedback. It is quite good to see that most of the reviewers are of the view that the blanket is very comfy, it heats up evenly and also the fact that one is in a position to control the temperatures makes the buyers happy. Click here to read more reviews.

There are few reviewers who are not completely happy with the electric blanket. There is one in particular buyer who was displeased by the blanket bought because it was overheating. Well, such a malfunction is by no means standard with the Biddeford heated blankets. I am sure the blanket must have had a problem and all a client does when faced with such a challenge is return the said blanket and an exchange will be done promptly. After all, the manufacturer has given a 5 year warranty on the blanket.

Everyone deserves a warm night sleep and the solution for those who don’t can very well be found with the Biddeford digital electric blanket. With the great discounts currently going on for this blanket you should catch one of your own. It is the blanket that will definitely fulfill all your night sleeping needs. Click here to buy from Amazon and get 50% discount Now!

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Customer Reviews

jwintosh May 6th, 2012 (#)

I’ve never been into electric blankets… always bulky,,, wires just don’t feel right on your body. well, this blanket is lightweight, and you barely know the wires are there. dual digital controllers that are easy to use. only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because each controller needs its own outlet.

great product!!

Eileen June 12th, 2012 (#)

I love this blanket. I have 2 of these. I got one for home and bought another one for a place we go to in the spring (in Maine.)

I love the duel controls because I’m usually colder than my husband and he hates it when he wakes up sweating in the middle of the night :).

It gets very warm and after I get it nice and toasty I usually turn it down to1 or 2. Have already recommended this product to a number of people and if I need another blanket I would definitely buy another one of these.

Dumpling August 6th, 2012 (#)

I gave this blanket as a present and the recipient loves it. She particularly appreciates the adjustable heat settings and the warm, plush feel of the blanket. Great product. I’m thinking of getting one for myself now.

cooee September 23rd, 2012 (#)

The controls are straightforward: you push a button on top to turn the blanket on, push it again to turn it off. Two arrow buttons to the left and right of the display enable you to raise or lower the heat.

Each time you turn the blanket on, the heat is still set where you left it the last time. I appreciate this as I generally only use the blanket to pre-warm the bed, then turn it off before going to sleep.

You can feel the wires in the blanket, but I haven’t found this bothersome and in fact only notice them through the sheet as I first climb in. The diamond patterned weave shown in the photos is only on the top side of the blanket.

The underside is soft and fuzzy. The soft fuzzy side extends up and over the top edge, making a hem which is approx 2″ deep. The hem appears nicely constructed and firmly sewn.

At the time of my purchase, only one color was available, which I believe is “natural.” Seeing it in RL, I would describe it as “taupe”, a sort of deep beige color with a very very subtle hint of pink.

Cal October 27th, 2012 (#)

Terrific product. Soft. Wires aren’t in the way. Nice weight — not too heavy, but plenty warm. Color is terrific.

It only took two days to receive the blanket from the day we ordered it; and it’s now busy keeping us warm during the cold Connecticut winter.

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