Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Top Mattress Pad, White

Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

Best Electric Blanket Reviews – 33% Off + Free Delivery Now! Conspicuously absent in the Soft Heat electric heated mattress pads are the bulky very uncomfortable wires. In their place there are ultra-thin wires inside that are almost impossible to feel; the obvious benefit is that there no more annoying hot or cold spots. This low voltage pad comes with a box that converts the standard 120 volts AC to non hazardous DC current to provide warmth safety and protection if the pad becomes wet.

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Soft Heat Warming Blanket

Soft Heat Warming Blanket Review

Electric Heated Blanket Reviews – 32% Off + Free Shipping Now! The Soft Heat electric blanket is not as bulky as the other blankets in the market. The wires are so small and thin that they are literally unnoticeable. When the blanket is being made thin wires are placed 3-inches apart and are evenly distributed from top to bottom. The issue of having hot and cold spots in the blankets is done with once you buy this electric heated blanket.

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