Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Blanket Review

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Your winter nights and indeed any other cold night can now become warm and cosy, thanks to the Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Blanket. If you have always dreaded those cold nights because of the unbearable cold and the huge electricity bills that come from the inevitable extended use of air conditioning systems, then this one is for you. This product provides personalized comfort to keep you warm in your bed while saving on your winter heating bills.

Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Micro-Plush Triple-Rib Blanket Features

This luxurious micro-plush electric blanket comes with two distinct heating zones allowing you individual control over the heating on your side of the blanket! This option allows you to set the heating on your side of the blanket to your desired temperature without interfering with the preferences set on the other side. This Serta electric blanket takes heated bedding to the next level in functionality and beauty, will adjust to deliver consistent warmth that suits your preference on any cold night.

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Made to be an energy saver, this Serta electric heated blanket features a low voltage technology which is not hazardous and therefore safer than any other competition. The electric heating blanket also features an automatic 10-hour shut off system that ensures your electricity is not wasted.

Unlike most other electric blankets, the Serta Luxurious electric heated blanket is skilfully made with tiny wires that are hard to feel. These wires distribute heat uniformly in the blanket so that there are no cold and hot spots. The blanket is made of micro-plush fabric that is safe to wash and dry with your machine without losing shape by shrinking or stretching. And with this blanket’s pre-heat feature, you can be sure to jump right into a warm cosy bed on any cold night.

Serta Electric Blanket Review

As we were researching the Serta electric heated blanket, we also sought to find out how customers who bought and used it felt. We found 8 customer reviews posted on, 7 of which expressed satisfaction rating the product at 5 out of 5 stars. One of the reviewers was very happy with the durability of Serta products. Another found the product unbelievably cosy, while other reviewers loved the fact that you could set the heating at the temperature of your choice on your side of the blanket. Most of these customers who posted favorable reviews on this product also agreed that the wires could be hardly felt. For another customer, the Serta electric blanket was soft and warm even before turning it on. While for another one, the light weight of the heated electric blanket was just what he wanted. Click here to read more reviews.

However, a number of reviewers had reasons to rate the product at less than 5 stars. One such customer was unhappy to observe that his twin blanket could only heat at the center. While for another, he thought the product was not exactly inexpensive. However, this customer doesn’t mind it given the performance and quality of the blanket.

Considering the views of these customers, and the features of this product, the Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Blanket is a highly recommended product guaranteed to give you many years of warm nights. Click here to save 56% for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

WWCO November 21st, 2011 (#)

This blanket was a bit expensive but – now that I have it, I feel it is a really good investment, and I sleep better because of the warmth provided.

The cables inside the blanket can’t be felt, it feels like it has a interlining betwen the layers instead of cables. The blanket heats well (heat adjusts from 1-10) – I preheat at about setting 5 about then I turn it down to 2 before going to sleep.

Each side has independent controls. I would recommend this product because it is high quality product. The cables plug into the foot and the cable lines are plenty long enough to set the controls on the night table. The sage is more like a brownish army uniform color more than a greenish sage color. THe item arrived quickly and was well packaged and boxed for shipment. The instructions says it can be washed. A+ product.

SeattleMama April 30th, 2012 (#)

I’m pretty sure this is the updated version of our last Serta top-of-the-line electric blanket, and that one lasted 13 years. Its fabric is still not worn out, but I think our beagle nestled down in it one time too many, and so now only one control works (probably shuts down automatically to prevent fire, so maybe the dog broke a wire).

The new Serta is even nicer than the first one. Those who say you can’t tell the wires are there, are right. They are very discreet. The warmth extends clear to the edge of the blanket, too.

We ordered the sage color, which exactly matches the trim on our bedspread. But the main thing you want from an electric blanket is comfort, simplicity of set-up and operation, and reliability. I can speak to the comfort and ease of operation right now. If this company is still creating their best blankets with the same durability as the older version, it should last over a decade.

The wales are slightly wider on this one than our older one, and it makes it more cushy. I think the fabric may be slightly thicker, but not enough to keep us from getting the snugly warmth of the electrical heat.

The cords on the controls are slightly longer, I think, then the last ones (I didn’t measure to be sure), because it seemed easier to pull them behind the bed, then up over the top of the headboard where we can each easily reach our control (and I am arthritic, limited shoulder movement).

I read a whole lot of reviews before I bought this blanket. My daughter recommended a heated mattress cover in lieu, but I have chronic psoriasis, and any heat directly on my back makes my skin flare and even bleed. If you have sensitive skin, you are better off with the blanket, and a nice top sheet between you and it.

I would buy this product again in a heartbeat. We wouldn’t have minded paying a little extra for some extra width (since we put pillows under our knees to sleep), but I can’t take a star off for that reason, because none of the other blanket companies offer it either.

If you want electrically-generated heat in your bed, buy this blanket.

orchard88 June 12th, 2012 (#)

This cozy and luxurious heated bed blanket by Serta is perfect for a comfortably warm sleep on those cold winter nights. The low-voltage heat setting is adjustable to your heat preference and has an auto shut off after 10 hours for safety.

It is made of a very soft micro-plush fleece that doesn’t pill. Once I experienced its comfort and warmth, I immediately ordered the Serta heated mattress pad for my bed as well. I have the Serta heated throw blanket, too. (It’s great for cuddling up on the couch reading or watching TV on a rainy or cold winter day or night.)

The throw blanket and the bed blanket are available in several colors, and the bed blanket is available in all bed sizes. Great gift idea for family, friends, and cancer patients who need that additional warmth in a bed blanket or throw blanket.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful item. Highly recommended!

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