Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

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Everyone deserves a good night sleep after a hectic day working; what a better way to end it than sleeping in a bed with a Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad? The pad is incredibly soft and designed observing the highest safety standards. The micro-velour fabric top and its incredibly soft interior makes it the best deal one can have in bed. The pad allows warmth to penetrate to the deepest end and helps you save on the power bill and the usual cold and warm spots experienced on the competition are unheard of here.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Features

Conspicuously absent in the Soft Heat electric heated mattress padsare the bulky very uncomfortable wires. In their place there are ultra-thin wires inside that are almost impossible to feel; the obvious benefit is that there no more annoying hot or cold spots. This low voltage pad comes with a box that converts the standard 120 volts AC to non-hazardous DC current to provide warmth safety and protection if the pad becomes wet. Unlike other warming pads that have extra bulky thick wires the wires here are so small that you will literally fail to notice them.

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For the Soft Heat electric heated mattress padfor the queen size bed a separation of the pad can be evidenced and also comes standard with two easy to read, easy to turn, non-slip computerized controllers to adjust the temperature easily of each side of the bed giving individual the much needed comfort and control.

The pad can be pre-set to pre-heat and pre-hold the sheets so that a cozy bed awaits you before bedtime. It automatically shuts itself after ten hours in case you forget for safety.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

There are over 1233 reviews on Amazon with regard to this product and they have given it a 4.7 star on average. 905 reviewers have given a 5.00 star feedback and this clearly indicates that the Soft Heat electric mattress padhas been made in the most ideal way. Many of the reviewers and buyers in general have come to love the pad because it is extremely soft to the touch and enables one sleep peacefully. The pad is also accredited with the even distribution of heat and the non feeling of the wires. The wires are never felt because they are very thin. It cannot be forgotten that the price of this pad is extremely competitive. Click here to read more reviews.

The drawbacks that have been aired by some of the buyers and reviewers are that the pad sometimes doesn’t distribute heat evenly. This can be said to be a cause of a malfunction and as you know items bought here are returnable if they are not up to standard because some defect may arise and not forgetting the warranty.

The Soft Heat Electric Heated Mattress Pad is the most ideal purchase if you want to keep your bed warm throughout the night. It has great features that should literally get you going to the shop immediately you read the reviews. The price is most reasonable and competitive. Buy one today and enjoy a good night sleep full of bliss! Click here to buy from Amazon with 28% discount Now!

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Customer Reviews

RedDove May 1st, 2012 (#)

This mattress pad is amazing!!!! I Love it. I can’t feel any wires. No hot spots. I turn it on about 1/2 hour before I go to bed its like climbing into a basket full of blankets right out of the dryer its wonderful after being out in the cold all day.

My heating bill also went down. It does take a few nights to figure out what setting works best for you. I always preheat at 7 then turn it down to low on really cold nights or just shut it off on warmer nights. If I get a little chilly I will just turn it back on.

I also found that I don’t get out of bed stiff in the morning anymore. In the fall & spring when nights are a little cooler I will leave windows open for the fresh air and sleep with pad on low. If there are days you can’t get the chill out of you buy this you won’t be sorry.

Bruce Galloway June 17th, 2012 (#)

We purchased this pad in November of 2011 and within a few months one side stopped heating adequately. Amazon had no contact information or warranty information but the company -Perfect Fit- had supplied details with the pad. The warranty representatives were very polite and helpful and arranged to have a complete new pad shipped to us.

The pad comes with a five year limited warranty and the website is Warranty telephone number is 1-800-438-1516. I suppose Amazon will remove this information from the review, but perhaps they will be able to update the listing.

Theseus June 21st, 2012 (#)

I have never owned a heated mattress pad before, so I don’t really have much first-hand experience for comparison. However, as always I try and do my research, and I did so with this purchase. After having the pad for a couple of days, here’s my impressions.

The most common issue I saw complained about with other brands/models was that the wires were noticeable under the sheets when the bed is made up. This pad is quite thick, more so than most normal mattress pads, and I cannot feel any wires through it at all, at least on the normal surfaces.

Another issue I saw mentioned with other brands was that the plugs for the control and power wires were on top of the pad towards the feet area, meaning you will hit them with your feet at night while moving around and where they may be the furthest away from a power outlet.

This model has the plug(s) at the head of the bed on the vertical portion of the mattress (the side against the headboard), making it easy to run the wires down and under the head of the bed and into a plug on the wall.

Some pads like these apparently can emit a whistling sound from the transformers in the power bricks when heating. I have very sensitive hearing (I easily hear fluorescent light bulbs and old tube TVs from a hundred feet away), but I was unable to hear anything from my units. This may not be true of all units, as sometimes a good bump or jarring can result in the whistling noise in the transformers, in my experience. No promises on this point.

The elastic skirt that wraps around the mattress is quite deep, able to easily handle my pillow-top mattress that is well above average in thickness. The installation instructions, if you need them, are very well done, but the only thing you really need to know is that the plugs go to the head of the bed. Pretty easy. And yes, you can use a power strip to plug both plugs into as long as it is UL listed.

As for actual performance, the pad provides warm, even heating to the entire area that is not at all hot to the touch. It simply feels very much like the bed has already been warmed up with body heat, except that there are no cold spots. Head to foot of the mattress is evenly and comfortably warmed. No more cold feet.

The control unit has 11 heat settings ranging from Low, through 1-9, and up to High with a smooth turning knob. The setting you choose will be highly dependent on how thick your covers are as well as how hot you like your bed. I will say that with a thick comforter on top, the 5 setting was actually hot and 3 was just comfortable. I can’t imagine how hot High would be. I’m betting covers would be optional.

On Queen size and larger units, there are actually two control units and two plugs. The heating elements can be set for two different temperatures left side and right side. However, if there is one shortcoming of this design it is that those of us who do not share a queen or larger bed end up with having to set two control units, and the control cord to the unit is not quite long enough to comfortably reach to a nightstand on the opposite side of the bed. Thus you have to wrangle two controls, not one, when you’re going to bed.

A better solution would have been to have the option of having only one control unit optionally control both heating zones, even if it still required two plugs. A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

Lastly, the on/off switch on both control units is the push-button electronic type, not a manual switch. Therefore it would not be possible to plug a power cord into a timer and have the pad start heating up automatically at a preset time. Obviously, there is no built-in feature for this either, though it will turn itself off after 10 hours, automatically.

This is probably intended as a safety feature. However, the instructions indicate it will heat up to max heat in about 30 minutes, and lower heat settings will be reached much sooner, depending on other factors such as how thick the covers are.

All in all this seems to be a high quality unit worth the premium over other, lesser models. I’m happy with the purchase so far and have gifted two to other family members.

UPDATE: I ordered three of these, one for myself and two as Christmas gifts. I have been using mine without any problems at all for about 2 months, now. One of the others seems to be working just fine. However, the third one worked only one night and then stopped.

I was informed by the gift recipient that it made a very strange electrical noise that second night and then completely stopped working. Since it was a Queen size model, she tried swapping over the control unit from the other side and it still did not work, suggesting the problem was in the pad itself, not the control, though the noise came from the control unit, apparently.

Though it had been some time since I had ordered it, it was still within the return window for Amazon, and as always, Amazon handled it exceptionally well. I received a replacement on the same day I returned the defective one (i.e., they sort of “crossed in the mail”). Shipping both ways was free, though I supplied the return box.

I share this to point out two things. First, check that the units are functioning before you wait too long. Amazon has a limit to the return window, and though I was within it, it wasn’t by much. If this is a gift, I’d urge you to encourage the recipient to test it out soon after receipt in case it has to be returned. I would think that running it up to high heat for a while would be sufficient to detect any flaws in the wiring or controls.

Second, though mine has been flawless, and one of the other two seems to have been as well, it appears that build quality on these is not up to snuff.

I noted on some other reviews that the control units on at least one made a strange noise. This may be an indication of imminent failure. Both of my controls on my unit have been completely silent. I’m guessing that if they are making a noise, it’s a reflection of a fault either in the control or, possibly, in the wiring of the pad itself. Note that there was no smoke, fire, or smoldering on any part of the pad or control units on the one that failed. It simply stopped working.

Monica October 11th, 2012 (#)

Folks, I shopped online for many heated mattress pads. I read everything, and finally decided I would narrow the choice to the new “low voltage” models, that convert the AC current that comes from the wall into a low voltage DC (or some such thing) to power the thin little wires in the pad.

Some people claim the higher voltage might have dangerous fields or such – some dispute that, but anyway, it seems like newer technology is better so I went that way.

The choices narrowed down to a model from Frontgate that is $100 more, but has the advantage of a separate heating zone for the feet. So if you’re a cold-footed person, you can crank up the foot portion of the mattress pad.

Also, that Frontgate model had, in addition to the wired control, an identical wireless control. I guess that’s if you don’t like wires hanging off your bedstand, or if you want to be able to fire up that puppy when you’re standing over by your closet. So I actually ordered both to compare.

This velour pad is really nice. You might wonder if it’s too fluffy or smells synthetic or whatever, but really I would say it feels like if you laid down a very soft plush towel on your mattress, then put your fitted sheet on top. Very comfortable. Doesn’t feel fluffy through your fitted sheet, just feels soft and nice. The dial has quite a range so you can set it just how you want.

By contrast, the expensive Frontgate model only had three settings, hi, medium, and lo, and I don’t think that’s enough range.

As for whether you want the velour or just a plain cotton/mix pad, that’s up to you. And as to whether you want a heated mattress pad vs. an electric blanket, you can read all about the pros/cons from other reviewers. I am so thrilled to have the mattress heated, after using electric blankets for 10 years, because it makes so much more sense. I love it! One of my favorite additions to the house ever. This is the one I kept – I sent the Frontgate back.

Monica October 27th, 2012 (#)

Bought this for my mother, who is a senior, as an early Christmas present this year. She has always had cold feet, and has been taking a hot water bottle to bed with her for years.

The day after giving it to her, I was anxious to call her to see how her first night experience was, and her reply was “I don’t just like it, I LOVE IT”. It’s been about two weeks now, she has used it every night, pre-warming the bed for 1-2 hours before bedtime and then turning it off when she gets in. Now, she wouldn’t dream of going to bed without pre-heating it first.

Where we are living, the winters last for 5-6 months, with temperatures dipping as low as -40 C on some nights. Poor old hot water bottle, looking neglected, now collecting dust in the corner!

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