Sunbeam Camelot Retreat Electric Heated Blanket Review

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Winter is known to be a cold season, and winter nights can get really cold. If you have always dreaded these nights because of the unforgiving cold, then Sunbeam has your answer. The Sunbeam Camelot Retreat electric heated blanket is a durable revolutionary product which provides personalized comfort to keep you warm in your bed while saving on your electricity heating bills.

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Sunbeam Camelot Retreat Electric Blanket Features

This luxurious electric heated blanket is 100 percent polyester; and you will find it soft and smooth to the touch. Made from the ultra-soft royal mink fabric – a Sunbeam exclusive – this product certainly takes heated bedding to the next level in functionality and beauty. This blanket which comes with a hemmed finish, will adjust to deliver consistent warmth that suits your preference on any cold night.

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The Sunbeam Camelot Retreat electric blanket comes with dual heating zones allowing you absolute control over the heating on your side of the blanket! This option allows you to set the heating on your side of the blanket to your desired temperature without interfering with the preferences set on the other side.

This electric heated blanket comes with a select-touch digital ambient temperature control, complete with 10 different heat settings for your comfort. You can be sure you will jump right into a warm bed, thanks to this blanket’s pre-heat feature which will warm your cold sheets in no time before bedtime.  And should you forget to turn it off, no need to worry. This product features a fully auto-off system that will take care of that.

Unlike other products which require for specific washing conditions to be observed, you can relax with the Sunbeam Camelot Retreat blanket as this product is absolutely machine washable.

Sunbeam Camelot Retreat Electric Blanket Review

As we also sought to know how users of this product really felt about it, we ran into 8 customer reviews posted on, and most of these customers expressed satisfaction with this electric heated blanket. One of the customers who gave a favorable review felt they liked the blanket’s pre-heat feature, which in a matter of minutes, had the bed toasty warm. Another happy user found the luscious fabric, the nice texture and the heating of this product, irresistible. While for another one, it was the optional auto-off feature. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

As we researched this product, we also noted a couple of critical reviews from other users. One was unhappy with the texture of the fabric. This reviewer observed that due to the material it is made of, the blanket kept sliding over the bed, and that both the sheet and the bedspread slid in different directions from the blanket. Another critical reviewer pointed out that he found the blanket too thin and could feel the cords.

But having considered the views from actual product users, relative to the product features, it is obvious that the Sunbeam Camelot Retreat Electric Heated Blanket is guaranteed to give you many years of warm nights; and is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to kiss their cold night goodbye. Click here to save $61 on the Sunbeam Camelot Retreat for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Elliminator April 30th, 2012 (#)

I have owned several electric blankets. Compared to those others and still more that I shopped before buying, this is not an inexpensive electric blanket, but maybe it is like that axiom “buy the best and you will only cry once.”

We all know that just because something is expensive does not mean it is quality. I was leery of this brand because of Sunbeam’s financial woes and my perception they have quality control problems.

This is a very comfortable blanket by itself. The heating seems very even and what we are hoping for is that it will prove to be as durable as it is soft, warm, and comfortable. It also has a “PH” pre-heat feature which is very nice, allowing it to warm up quickly so one does not have to get into a cold bed and then shuts off if it is too warm to really need the electric warming feature of the blanket while sleeping – this blanket is still plenty soft and warm.

To sum up, I balked at what this cost initially but after 3 weeks of use, seems to have been money well spent.

LW Raboys May 8th, 2012 (#)

This is the best electric blanket I have ever used. It heats up quickly and each number on the control really does have a distinct degree of heat.

Moreover the fabric is soft and lovely to the touch. Although the cost is higher than a number of other king-size blankets, this is a case of you get what you pay for. It is well worth every penny.

Catk June 21st, 2012 (#)

This blanket is ultra soft and light! I love the many control settings- especially the dual control so I can be comfortable at the temperature I choose.

WanderingStar July 9th, 2012 (#)

I purchased the Queen blanket based on previous reviews and am happy I did even though it seems a little spendy.

It is so soft and luxurious. The color sample for the Honey does not come close or do justice to the actual color. It is the stunning color of dark golden honey.

The dual controls are easy to see and allow for individual comfort zones. The preheat is a nice feature.I toss the blanket over the pillows to pre-warm them along with the rest of the bed.

This blanket enables us to turn the furnace temp down at night and still stay warm and cozy. We can use the electrical power stored in our solar battery bank instead of burning up $$$ of propane.

R. C. Stewart October 21st, 2012 (#)

This is perhaps the best heating blanket I have yet to find. The blanket is very soft and the control is the best I have ever used.

The connecting cord however is still the same crappy STIFF wiring found on cheaper heating blankets. Had Sunbeam used a more flexible connecting cord I would have given this product five stars.

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