Sunbeam Royal Dreams Electric Heated Blanket Review

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It is a good experience to have a good night sleep. It is important that one gets enough rested night every other day and what a better way to achieve this other than through the Sunbeam Royal Dreams Electric Heated Blanket. This blanket will give you just the right reasons to snuggle against it the whole night because it gives out just the perfect warmth that you need throughout the night. With its exclusive sensors that provide and adjust exclusive warmth to you during the night the blanket also ensures that consistent warmth also. Click here to buy from Amazon and save 45% now!

Sunbeam Royal Dreams Electric Blanket Features

Often do we find ourselves leaving the bed without remembering to switch the bedroom lights off or the shower power off. This also happens very much in case of the electric blanket; in fact it is the more prone area where forgetfulness can take a back sit. The Sunbeam electric blanket is designed and manufactured in such a way that after a period of ten hours it switches itself off. This is to save energy and also for safety reasons.

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Every time when going to bed most people will be wondering why there can’t be someone who jumps into the bed first and warms it first for them, well, the Sunbeam heated blanket does exactly that for you. The blanket comes with some features that let you pre-warm the bed sheets using the blanket some moments before going to bed. By the time you are getting to the bed, the sheets are no longer cold but very welcoming.

The blanket is made of 100% pure polyester and quilted fleece. This means that user gets to enjoy to the maximum the great benefits of having a soft smooth and a warm sleep in their beds. The blanket has also been built using channel design which also makes it be able to distribute warmth in a uniform way in the bed.

Sunbeam Royal Dreams Electric Blanket Review

Many reviews have been made with regard to this product and on average it can be concluded that it is quite a wonder blanket. When one visits Amazon reviews one will see that of the 122 reviews which average at 4.2 stars out of 5.00 stars there are over 57 reviewers who gave a 5.00 stars feedback! This is quite a huge percentage of very positive feedback and it definitely means that the Sunbeam electric blanket is the blanket to get. Most of the reviewers are in agreement that the blanket warms like no other and that the softness of it makes the bed a paradise to sleep every night. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

One of the downside about this blanket is the fact that it has been fitted with coils inside so as to enable equal even distribution of warmth, therefore one should not walk, crawl, kneel or do anything that might lead to the destruction of these coils. That’s the only disadvantage and your answer will be as good as mine.

The Sunbeam electric blanket can be said to be the one blanket that once bought it will hold you hostage because there is no getting enough. The price is just amazing. Click here to save $60 on the Sunbeam Royal Dreams Electric Heated Blanket for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Joseph Learn December 21st, 2011 (#)

Stays warm, makes a nice blanket to snuggle in. would recommend it. giving 5 stars because it does exactly what it says it will do..

one thing to keep in mind with any heating blanket, make sure you don’t walk on it, crawl on it, or what not, because the heating coils inside the blanket can break very easy, which means less and less of your blanket will heat up. take care of this blanket and it will take care of you.

Michael Gomel March 15th, 2012 (#)

Works great, nice soft material, light weight and warm even without the electric coils turned on. I recommend this to anyone interested in a quality electric blanket at an affordable price too!

Philip Kole May 2nd, 2012 (#)

My wife has been asking for an electric blanket for years. I have tried to stay away from them as I already sleep very warm and didn’t want to sweat all night.

This blanket has dual controls which allow my side to stay off. It works perfectly. My wife stays warm and very little if any heat gets directed my way. I definitely recommend this blanket.

Thadirty October 22nd, 2012 (#)

The price… Could be lower I think but compared to most it was reasonably priced.

First… The good things. It is soft, nice color, pretty thick, you can feel the internal wiring but not enough for it to affect comfort levels. I have it as a middle layer between a sheet and a comforter.

It has 2 dials that each control 1/2 of the blanket. The temp guage goes from 1-9 and I usually keep it at 6 giving a nice warm almost hot setting. Im in CO so it can get cold unless the heat is cranking.

The bad… Not a huge issue but the dials are connected to each other. Basically I only like to have 1/2 the blanket on and the other 1/2 off. It works great but because the dials are connected to each other you must have this huge wire system lying around.

The other blanket I have has a connection port for each dial so if you only use one side, you only need one dial. This blanket only has one connection port, so when you connect the cord, both dials are there if needed or not. I zip tied the extra cord so its not strewn all about, but it was the only main complaint I had with the blanket so I thought I’d mention it. For $70 I though this would have been avoided.

All in all it was a nice buy and for the price I’d say I came out on top. Id recommend it to a friend, but I would encourage them to shop around as well. This is one of those items that if I could do it again I would prob shop around locally so that I could better inspect the item before buying.

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