Sunbeam Royal Nights Electric Heated Blanket Review

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If you have always dreaded winter nights because of the unbearable cold and the huge electricity bills that come from extended use of heating systems, then this is for you. The Sunbeam Royal Nights electric heated blanket is a revolutionary product which provides personalized comfort to keep you warm in your bed while saving on your winter heating bills for many years.

Sunbeam Royal Nights Electric Blanket Features

This Sunbeam electric blanket is 100 percent polyester and comes with a thermo-fine warming system which senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth during those cold nights.

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This Sunbeam Royal Nights electric blanket is available in different sizes, but if you plan to get the king or queen sized one, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Sunbeam Royal Nights Electric Heated Blanket comes with dual heating zones allowing you absolute control over the heating on your side of the blanket!

The Royal Nights electric blanket also comes complete with an easy-set control which has 10 different heat settings for your comfort. And if you forget to switch it off in the morning, no need to worry. This Sunbeam electric heated blanket has a 10–hour auto–off system; while a 6–foot power cord is supplied for free.

Sunbeam Royal Nights Electric Blanket Review

As we were researching this product, we also sought to know how the users of this product felt about it. We found 21 customer reviews posted on One of the reviewers was happy with the durability of this product. He was satisfied with the product, given that he was replacing it for the first time after about 15 years of fulfilled service from the one he was replacing. Another one thought it was exactly what he was looking for. Others found the product simply cosy, while other reviewers loved the fact that you could select the heating temperature of your choice on your side of the blanket. Another customer said the Sunbeam Royal Nights electric heated blanket was his perfect choice as he found the heat control quite accurate. Once the desired temperature is reached, it stays there. Click here to read these reviews.

However, a few customers expressed dissatisfaction with this product. One was disappointed that it was too thin, and that he could feel the cord. Another concerned customer noted that his item had a problem with its thermo heating system. Though he was okay with the heating, this customer reported that his Sunbeam electric blanket remained too warm even when turned off.

In as much as all these concerns raised by the unsatisfied customers are valid, it is important to know that they can be fixed. One reviewer for example, discovered he could feel the cord; he fixed that by putting it under sheets and not laying directly on top of it. As for heating, you control that yourself by setting the desired temperatures.

All in all, the Sunbeam Royal Nights Electric Heated Blanket is a sure bet. This product is guaranteed to give you many years of warm nights; and is highly recommended for anyone who really wishes to kiss their cold nights goodbye. Click here to save $20 on the Sunbeam Royal Nights electric blanket for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

A. Newhouse April 30th, 2012 (#)

This blanket works well and heats up as it’s supposed to. The cord is nice and long. No complaints about the functionality! Just a few things you should be aware of:

First, there’s no timer (at least on the Twin size). We’ve found that either when going to bed or just warming up on the couch, it’s nice to have the blanket on for a while and then go off. It’s arguably not a good idea to sleep with it on anyway, but if you don’t remember to turn this one off manually, it’s on all night. This can be solved by buying a plug-in lamp/appliance timer, but that’s an extra expense and it’s not always convenient.

Also, the heating elements don’t extend all the way to the edge of the blanket. There’s a good 1.5-2 feet on either side that’s just plain blanket. It’s plenty to cover the bed, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

Overall, it works, and if it allows you to keep your thermostat a little lower than you would otherwise, it will save energy and save you money on your heating bills!

Charles W. May 11th, 2012 (#)

This is a great electric blanket, especially for the money! It warms beautifully! It holds it’s temperature evenly. It does not have the automatic shut off, which I am glad for.

The only small negative I would offer about the blanket, is, that the grade of polyester that it is made of, is pilling up a bit, but what can one expect for under $40.00! I am very happy with my purchase!

Prreston Wilson June 7th, 2012 (#)

I’ve been looking for a moderately-priced electric blanket for quite awhile. Finally found exactly what I was looking for in this Sunbeam product. Probably shouldn’t have picked a dark color, though!

I don’t leave the blanket turned on all night. I use it mainly to heat the bed for 10-15 minutes before retiring. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it keeps on heating very gently anyway. This has been the year without a summer here (San Diego), so I’ve used the blanket almost every night since it arrived.

It would have been nice to read the care instructions before purchase. Sunbeam says to not use a commercial dryer, use a home dryer for only a few minutes, then dry the blanket on a clothesline. What if you have access only to a commercial (coin-op) dryer, and don’t have a clothesline? The solution was to dry at very low temperature until almost dry, then put it on the bed. Doesn’t seem to have hurt it any.

Do I recommend this product? You bet! And the best part is, it’s made in the US!

A. Black August 14th, 2012 (#)

This is the first electric blanket I have ever owned. I wanted to save on my electric and I got sick of sliding between cold sheets. This blanket does its job very well. It has a very basic heat dial that has 10 heat settings. If you put it on 10 and stay under the blanket for a little while (20-40 min) you will feel on fire.

The blanket includes a very long power cord, which for me is a hinderance because I have an outlet right next to my bed and the excessive cord is pooled at the side of my bed. This blanket does not have automatic shutoff so if you are a person who sleeps with a heated blanket all night long, you might want to put it on medium (between 4-6) or you may end up roasting.

I’ve had this blanket for a month and I really like it. However, for the great price and warmth there is a tradeoff. The material. I bought this in mushroom and it sheds like crazy! If you wear sweaters, fleeces, etc. this thing will leave a whole bunch of little pill-balls on it! And that was before I washed it.

The material looks nice out of the package but it starts to degrade pretty quick. So this is definitely a blanket you do not want to use as a throw.

Another thing is that the heat on the blanket can be spotty at times. I’ll lay on it and my feet will be super hot but near my neck I may be a little cold. I guess this is supposed to be the ‘smart technology’ that the blanket is said to have. Also if you are sensitive about feeling wire in your blanket, well you will definitely feel them in this blanket. But for the price what can one expect?

So, if you want a cheap electric blanket that gets very hot then this should do the trick. The tradeoff is on the material, but you will probably have to pay around double the price of this blanket to get another that doesn’t shed.

Gnomes Rule October 19th, 2012 (#)

On a cold winter night nothing feels better then getting into a nice warm bed and this blanket delivers you that. A very simple control nothing fancy but it serves it’s purpose.

I must admit I haven’t had the blanket for a long time so I haven’t had to wash it but based on other reviews I think I will treat it as a gentle fabric just to make sure I don’t have problems.

I did like that it has a long cord so if you don’t have a plug near the foot of your bed you shouldn’t have any problems plugging it in.

The comfort/money ratio makes this purchase well worth it.

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