Sunbeam Royal Retreat Heated Blanket Review

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The Sunbeam Royal Retreat heated blanket is one of a kind; it sets a whole new standard for the current and future blankets. It gives a person the best snuggling environment and leaves one wondering how life would be without this blanket. One will only need to switch it on either a few minutes before going to bed or when already in bed. It will warm the bed sheets to the right temperature that you need and the rest of the night will be pure bliss.

Sunbeam Royal Retreat Heated Blanket Features

Unlike the competition the Sunbeam Royal Retreat electric blanket has a digitally controlled panel. This without saying is helpful especially when you wake up at night and need to adjust the temperature. At this time one is heavy eyed and no one wishes to switch on the lights. The digital controls come in handy. The controls are very easy to use for anyone.

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It has an advanced warming system that detects where exactly you are and when you get into and out of the bed. This cannot be understated knowing that many of the blankets out there are not very sensitive and might have some warm and cold spots when turned on.

The Sunbeam electric blanket is made of the best quality materials namely; 100-Percent polyester and channeled micro plush. This not withstands the blanket has ten heat settings that suit everybody. It also comes with a ten hour on and off feature. If you forget to switch it off when you wake up it will automatically switch itself off after ten hours from switch on time.

Sunbeam Royal Retreat Review

Quite a number of reviews have been received with respect to the Sunbeam electric heated blanket at Amazon. On average a 4.4 star has been given as feedback from a total of 32 reviews. There are 21 reviews with a 5.00 star that have been accorded this blanket. Most of the buyers are most satisfied with the way the blanket is soft and at the same time very economical. A lot of reviewers and buyers in general have also accredited the blanket with the good ability to heat up fast, easy to control panel and its extra soft texture. It has definitely pleased a lot of people who have bought it. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

Some of the buyers and reviewers are of the opinion that the blanket is rather thin for it to be heated blanket. But when you look at the very essence of a heated blanket is to get warmth from the electric current thus there should be no worry that the blanket might not provide enough warmth to you.

A lot of people get very uncomfortable under the heavy weight of many blankets. The Sunbeam heated blanket solves this problem very easily. With the great wiring of the blanket this blanket qualifies to be ranked as one of the best in the category; one doesn’t feel the wires crisscrossing inside precarious but rather all a person feels is the ultra soft fabric that covers you. The price is like no other and you should get yours today!

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Customer Reviews

G. Hobbs April 30th, 2012 (#)

We’ve had this on the bed about a month now and I know I am enjoying this blanket…a lot! We went from an electric blanket that barely warmed on High to this one and what a difference.

I have used the per-warm feature and that is nice, but I prefer to turn it on to 1 or 2 before I get in and it usually stays there through our cold Oregon nights.

So far I would recommend this and would buy it again through Amazon…saved

about $20. from any price here in town.

Carol May 6th, 2012 (#)

Our old Sunbeam blanket wasn’t heating very well after several years of use,so after reading many different reviews on blankets in all price ranges we settled on this one.

We’ve had it about a month and so far it works great!
We love the microplush! It’s very soft and comfortable and leaves no lint behind like the old one did. The preheat setting is fantastic and great on those cold Maine winter nights.

Time will be the true test of how really good it is.
We’ll keep you posted.

M. Snell May 30th, 2012 (#)

Love this blanket! So soft, and a nice rich color. I bought the twin to keep on the couch. Heated throws, just often seem to be a little too small, but the twin is a perfect size for one, or sharing on the couch. The auto shut off is feature I couldn’t do without.

The color is nice enough to throw over the back of the couch, and still hiding the cords. Would like to see a more decorative version at some point since my blanket is always out or being used. Wouldn’t be without it!

Nancy September 1st, 2012 (#)

This electric blanket works extremely well. You probably won’t need the higher settings unless you live in a very cold climate or get very cold. I usually use a higher setting to warm up the bed. Then I turn it down to low or have it off after that.

The material is very cozy and soft. Yes, you can feel the wires if it’s right against you, but I keep a sheet inbetween me and the blanket, so I don’t notice the wires at all.

The control is great. There are no dials, only buttons. You can see the # of the heat setting lit up on the control. There’s a button to make this brighter or dimmer. I purchased the seashell color which is very nice (off-white). The sizing is correct in width and length.

J. Rambo September 12th, 2012 (#)

I love this blanket. It’s plush and it also heats nicely. I’ve found the plush blankets have a tendency to be “warming” blankets with hardly enough heat to be felt. When I buy an electric blanket, I want to feel the heat. I do with this one. When it’s on, it’s nice and warm. When it’s off, it’s still nice and plush. The best of both worlds.

The one item I would comment on is the controls. They are a little light weight and have a hard time staying in place. On the other hand, they have the cool ability to change the intensity of the controls light. I’ve found that with the advent of LED lights on everything from cell phone chargers to these controls, it makes the room too bright at night. It’s nice to be able to tone down the light so it isn’t so intrusive.

Dominick J. October 23rd, 2012 (#)

This item received good reviews on line,and Amazon offered it at a competitive price. I ordered the queen size for a full size bed because I had to have the dual controls.

Most of the time my control is set to off, but my wife needs the warmth of an electric blanket much more consistently than I do. This model heats instantly and it provides lots of warmth. If you like your blanket to feel warm, so you do not have to guess whether or not it is working, this is the kind you want.

The material is soft and pleasing to the touch. Set to off, the blanket is heavy enough to keep me warm with a room temperature of 65 degrees F, until my biological thermostat drops my body temperature in the early morning. Then I can set the control to low or 2 and go back to sleep.

The blanket looks classy when the bed is made up, and it drapes smoothly at the corners. Some of the colors that were available were listed as less expensive than the one I bought. So if you happen to have the right taste in color you can get a bargain. Like most electric blankets you can feel the wires if you try to, but they cause no discomfort when you settle down to sleep.

This purchase allowed me to test Amazon’s return policy. The first unit received had a misplaced wire at the edge of one side of the blanket. Replacement was essentially instantaneous and cost free. Excellent response time and absolutely no flack from Amazon.

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